How to change Eye Color Using Photoshop In 10 Steps

Step 1

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent image editing tool which can be used to transform images and add a spark to make the real difference.

Drag and drop the image to Photoshop


Step 2

Double click the background in the layer window to make a new layer

Step 3 

Use zoom tool to select the place you want to edit


Step 4

Use the Pen tool to draw path of the eyes. After drawing the path of both the eyes press Ctrl + Enter to select the eyes to change the color


Step 5

Select Hue/Saturation from create new fill or adjustment layer to change the color of the selected area


Step 6

Change the Adjustment Layers to Blend Mode to color


Step 7

Select The Brush Tool


Step 8

Set Your Foreground Color To Black


Step 9

Paint around the Iris In Each Eye


Step 10

Final result

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