The Portable Document Format standardor the PDF was invented in 1991 by Adobe Acrobat, and since then, the PDF hasbecome the most significant part of the technology world. Every business firmstarted to adopt the method of storing their critical details in a PDFdocument. This has led to an expansion of the PDF conversion service companies across the globe.

Utilizing a PDF format will enableyou to share the documents between various operating systems or the deviceswithout affecting the quality of these documents. The PDF concept has gained awide prominence among attorneys, publishers, as well as HR managers, topreserve the critical documents.


PDF makes the process of onlineinformation exchanging simplified hence, the PDF conversion services has gained a great prominence. The bulk PDF conversion service providerutilizes the latest ICR and OCR tools to make the conversion process easy andaccurate.

Which are the most frequently usedPDF conversion services?

  • PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • PDF to JPEG
  • Print to PDF
  • Doc/Docx to PDF
  • ePub to PDF
  • Scan to PDF
  • HTML to PDF
  • PDF to TEXT or OCR

One of the significant PDF conversionis – PDF to Excel Conversion

PDF to Excel conversion service can save a large amount of time and will also activelydeliver the result in a well-formatted excel spreadsheet, consisting the samequality as that of the PDF files. It can successfully capture and re-enter the data from thecritical PDF files without wasting much amount of time.


The PDF to Excel conversion services aims to provide the clients withaccurate Excel spreadsheets, so that they can easily sort the data, carry outthe calculations, and can also reformat the data (if required). These Excel sheets can be easily edited,changed, and analyzed without the involvement of too many efforts.

Generally, the hard copy files aretransformed into the Excel spreadsheet by scanning them with the help ofcontemporary technologies, and hence, carrying out the process of PDF to Excelconversion smoothly and efficiently.


When talking about PDF conversionservices, one important element which cannot be ruled out is – PDF Data Entry Services.

An effective PDF data entry service will help you to capture the specific datafrom the PDF formats and will enable you to store them in diversified formatsas per the client’s choice. Generally, the Indian outsourcing serviceproviders, capture the PDF data in a high-quality and will carry the process ofPDF data entry services in a cost-effective manner.

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The variety of PDF data entryservices include:

  • PDFto Excel conversion
  • PDFto Word conversion
  • PDFdata capture or PDF data extraction
  • PDFdata entry
  • PDFto HTML conversion

Data Conversion

As we all know, with the rapidexpansion of industrialization, and the upcoming of numerous corporatebusinesses, data has become an integral element of every business firm. Insimple terms, data conversion serviceis a process of changing the data from one format to another, without making acompromise on the quality and accuracy. 


The most commonly used dataconversion services are:

  • PDFconversion
  • Imageto TEXT
  • OCRConversion from and to – PDF, Word
  • XMLConversion from and to – CSV, Excel, HTML, PDF, and XSD
  • HTMLConversion from and to – PDF, PSD, Word
  • ExcelConversion from and to – PDF, XML
  • BookConversion

Why should you prefer outsourcing thePDF conversion services to India?

The number of outsourcing firms is increasingrapidly across the world, due to the popularity of ‘outsourcing’ features andmethodologies. But, India ranks number the top-most position among thecountries that offer outsourcing solutions.


Take a look at why it is preferable to outsourcethe PDF conversion services to India.

1. Enhanced business productivity – Every business firms strive to generate a greater businessproductivity with a minimum of input. And the same goes for the PDF conversionprocess. To achieve an enhanced business productivity, outsourcing the work toIndia is the best solution. One can get the PDF conversion solution at the besteconomical price by outsourcing the work to India. This can maximize yourbusiness productivity as well as help you to achieve the business profit on alarge scale.


2. Experienced professionals and contemporary technologies – Whenever you decide to outsourceyour work to another country, you should initially ensure their in-houseresources such as technology and capability of the manpower. You can easilymeet this requirement in a country like India, where one can experience therich technological resources as well as experienced and professional manpowerat a low cost. Most of the Indian professionals are well-experienced and theypossess extraordinary skills to accomplish the objective of the outsourcedwork. The Indian outsourcing service providers utilize the best OCR or ICRtechnologies to get the accurate PDF conversion results.

3. Business scalability – At times, your business might face several highs and lows during apeak or recession session respectively. During such situations, you need tohave a careful control over the manpower employed. When you decide to outsourceyour work to India, you can easily get the assistance of the skilledprofessionals who work for you as and when needed, and also, achieve to meetthe desired result within the mentioned time, irrespective of the challengesfaced.


4. Cheap Labor – Ina competitive business environment, every business owners aims to adopt wayswhich would lead them to get maximum success at a low cost. A business ownerneeds to pay off for the insurance, bonus, or taxes to the employee, thus,increasing the staffing cost. But such a cost can be easily reduced if yououtsource your PDF conversion requirements to India.

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